Citizen Science: Biodiversity Survey Project.

At the start of July, the lovely Lea joined Amber to do some bird counts at several spots we have done restoration in the past. We will be monitoring bird populations in these area to see if our restoration brings in more native species. We managed to get a great baseline of several sites such as Saunders Reserve, Kurt Brehmer Walkway and Ken Maunder Park. We also spied a colony of Spoonbills and Shags near the West End Rowing club. We will keep an eye on that population too. They have been there for several years now. Its great to see such a consistent population living there.

The Rosebank Peninsula Coastal Restoration Project.

Methven have adopted Site A and been planting, weeding and mulching there every year. They got to see how well their hard work had helped create a successful restoration site. The trees they planted are getting so much bigger, next time they visit they might even be taller than the volunteers! They also pointed out their mulching had really helped with weed control. There were hardly any weeds in the area allowing their plants to have the best chance possible. With Site B soon to be ready we hope Methven’s amazing planting skills might revive next door too.

The day after the Matariki celebrations up at Arataki, hosted by Kawerau a Maki, we at WRCT were able to have our own modest Matariki event. With plants provided through Trees That Count, as well as some plants from our own stocks, we were able to get three hundred natives in the ground. Aside from Amber and Neil we had seven volunteers, one for each of the stars that make up the Matariki cluster. Matariki is also known in the west as the Pleiades, in the Constellation Taurus. They are named for the seven sisters of Greek mythology: Sterope, Merope, Electra, Maia, Taygeta, Celaeno, and Alcyone, along with their parents Atlas and Pleione.


Welcome back. 

We at WRCT are looking forward to 2019 and being able to work with all our community Volunteers who continue to support the ecological restoration of the Whau River catchment. It is your support that makes this possible.

Their are all sorts of Volunteer field opportunities such as planting out Eco-sourced native plants from May through to October, or helping to control weed growth around the newly planted areas, or the mulching of planted...

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